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About Kaz McGlynn the Artist

Kaz McGlynn of Kazworks, Barwon Heads Australia, Artist

Kaz McGlynn of Kazworks

Early influence

Artist Kaz Mcglynn was born in 1952 in Melbourne Australia. Some of her earliest memories were of enjoying family and activities of playing at the beach. As a child, Kaz had a love of color and drawing. She often tells the story of her father giving her for her 12th Birthday 100 copies of wide-eyed pencil drawings of children to sell for pocket money.

Raised in Geelong, being the oldest sibling she spent much of her time drawing the picturesque beach images and people. This meant, when at school, she spent most her time in the art room, lost in the freedom of creative expression.

Career Pathways

Kaz attended Gordon Institute of Technology and was Dux of Diploma of Art, Industrial Textile Design. She worked In the Screen Printing Industry and then Gained Diploma of Education majoring in Art. She was greatly influenced by the Technical skills of Technical Secondary schools that she taught in.

Significant influences

Taking a needed break from the academic world, she worked with her Husband John Westwood an Industrial Designer. The design consultancy WESTWOOD DESIGN was an internationally prized company where she worked as a Graphic Designer and as partner. ‘

We ate and slept design and significant influence on Australian design and culture at that time.’

Overseas Influences

Kaz also worked overseas in Japan and Europe. She was an Australian Ambassador for the Fashion industry on behalf of the Australian Gown of the Year. These moves were the most definitive in her art career.

Kazworks at arts’Kool Studio 1/20 Everist Road, Ocean Grove Vic. Australia

As a celebrated Barwon Heads Artist and Art Educator Kaz produces paintings, sculptures, ceramics, public art installations and many creative products. She asks us to stop and enjoy the precious scenes that linger for just a moment and then are gone. Depicting the romance of living by the sea. She reflects on her personal emotions, ideas and memories of interpersonal relationships and the world around her through her artwork. ‘My artwork for me is like creating a memory, a thought that you want to treasure forever.’ It is apparent Kaz is willing to share her joys and sorrows in a Quirky way through her work, which leaves quite an impact on us.

Art for sale

Kaz sells her work from her studio and exhibitions. She has sold hundreds of original paintings and sculptures over the years, including privately commissioned works. In addition, she has worked on many Public Community Art Commissions.

Art Educator

Karen McGlynn of KazworksAs an Art Educator Kaz runs  art’sKool@KAZWORKS  at 1/20 Everist Road, Ocean Grove. Victoria Australia.

Her passion is bringing art to the local community, and to improve creativity and increase self confidence in children and adults by developing creativity, imagination, cognitive skill, problem solving abilities and much more at art’sKool@KAZWORKS.

“Quality of life improves when there is a healthy, thriving arts community when people come together as they do at the arts’Kool Studio at 1/20 Everist Road, Ocean Grove. We have a group of beginners and advance adults and children coming together on a recurring basis to experience art in action, during classes or workshops and exhibitions. Through brainstorming conversations, they are exploring the entrepreneur within. It is this thinking that brings tourism and a strong sense of community to such Coastal towns . Says KAZ.

Due to her background in Industrial Textile Design, screen printing, weaving, ceramics also teaching at Technical colleges and Deakin University; she is a product orientated artist.

Kaz can see the potential of what an artwork could be made into which she inspires her students to explore.

Kaz’s style of teaching is about nurturing and helping her students build their self-esteem through art as well as learning many art methods and techniques incorporating the art principals and elements of design and using them in everyday living and problem solving. Her students have been very successful in many exhibitions both locally and internationally.